buying a franchise

May 22, 2019

Due Diligence In Acquiring A Franchise

In this era in which our economy is dominated by large business concerns having the ability to realize profits through potent marketing, high volume sales and low margins, one of the most effective ways for the individual small entrepreneur to fulfill his or her dream of owning a business is to acquire a franchise. Franchises often provide the benefit of instant name recognition, national advertising, cooperative purchasing arrangements, effective training, site location and ongoing operating assistance. Indeed, lenders are often more willing to make start-up business loans to franchisees of well-known franchises than to those who propose to operate similar businesses without the benefit of a well-known franchise. Nevertheless, the acquisition of a franchise usually involves a substantial investment and […]
March 22, 2019

Tips for Franchising

There’s still time to make your new year’s resolutions, so why not start planning out all of your future business and franchising endeavours? Before you begin to follow through with your business dreams, ensure that you do your due diligence, particularly if your business goals involve crossing over to the world of franchising. Before taking that exciting leap, you must understand why you want to franchise your business to begin with. Believe it or not – this is fundamental to your future success in internal and external operations of the business. Business Broker Melbourne team of expert consultants can help you with all of your decision making and initial development of your new business journey for 2019. This is an […]
January 3, 2019

Buying a Franchise

In Australia today there is a franchise operating in almost every type of business category, with varying levels of complexity and cost. Prior to buying a franchise, potential franchisees should do the following; Assess your own reasons for wanting to own a business; Assess the lifestyle and income implications of owning and operating a business; Assess the franchise opportunities consistent with 1 and 2 above. Build your understanding of the franchise relationship by reading the Franchise Guide. Narrow your franchise search to a few systems, then request further information. If appropriate, and you are comfortable with the decision, select a system and commence the application process. Ensure you have adequate borrowing capacity, including working capital, to successfully establish this type […]