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July 10, 2019

Investing In An Existing Business

Here are some of the tips to hold up at the highest point of the need rundown when investing in an existing business. It is suggested that you should use a good lawful advisor and have a clerk take a gander at all the budgetary records before you go into any understanding. Think very carefully before you proceed. When you discover a business you like, you must direct an intensive examination concerning its monetary issues. Be more specific about all the liabilities. What number of these could fall on the new proprietors? Watch out for TAX and Vat situation. Is the business vat prone? Is the vat exceptional? You can’t be too much mindful of admiration, making it difficult to […]
September 27, 2018

5 Ways to Exit Your Small Business Fast

According to the latest NFIB small business hiring data, 29 percent of small businesses currently have job openings they can’t fill–a sign that owners are optimistic about the future and are working to meet increased demand in the marketplace. But don’t be fooled by the positive small business outlook. Even in the best of economies, small business owners are sometimes forced to exit their companies quickly. If this happens, it’s critical to know how to achieve your goals in a fast sale scenario. The Time to Sell is Declining (Though Not Fast Enough) BizBuySell.com data shows that the median time to sell a business dropped 23 percent from its peak of 200 days in Q2 2012 to just 153 days […]
July 29, 2018

6 Factors in Taking Over an Existing Business

If you think you have the chops to be an entrepreneur, but would rather not start with a new idea — or just plain don’t have a new idea worth starting — you may be a great candidate to buy an existing business instead. While buying an existing business typically involves more upfront cost, it also presents less risk than starting from scratch. Financially, you’re looking at actual profit and loss records rather than rough estimates, and there’s a clear history of sales to point to. You may also acquire valuable patents or copyrights, or have the opportunity to drive a stagnant business in an exciting direction with your expertise. Why founders sell businesses It’s a common misconception — a cultural stigma, even […]